Recipes with salmon. Fish dishes for children

Recipes with salmon. Fish dishes for children

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Fish may not be your children's favorite dish, and they may even hate it. Don't worry, it is completely normal and has a solution. Fish is one of the foods that children least like as a general rule, but there are some exceptions such as salmon.

Besides being one of the few fish that are attractive to children, salmon is one of the healthiest foods. Source of protein, Omega 3 and many vitamins, this oily fish is perfect for controlling cholesterol levels and preventing obesity.

We invite you to try some of the recipes that we propose below. Remember that you can prepare grilled, baked, smoked salmon ... choose the recipe that your children like the most!

Salmon in cava sauce. A plate rich in protein and Omega 3, to take care of the health of your family even at Christmas dinner. This salmon in cava gives you nutrients and also has a very special flavor. Salmon recipe for children.

Avocado canapé with salmon. Avocado canape with smoked salmon. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe for Christmas and other celebrations. An aperitif to serve to friends and family before lunch or dinner.

Salmon Pate. Easy recipe for fresh and smoked salmon pate. How to prepare homemade salmon pate, an ideal recipe for appetizers and starters. Easy, quick recipe, for which few ingredients are needed. An inexpensive recipe, for everyone.

Salmon roll. If you want a light starter that is easy to prepare, you have these smoked salmon and cheese rolls. A recipe for children with many vitamins and nutrients, low in fat to control childhood obesity.

Salmon sushi. Sushi recipe for children. How to make sushi for children. Japanese recipes for children. Traditional Japanese sushi recipe. Japanese sushi for children. Fish recipes for children.

Salmon papillote. The salmon papillote can be prepared in less than 10 minutes and then, to grill, it will only take about 15 more. A recipe that can be prepared for both lunch and dinner for children.

Microwave salmon. Microwave salmon for children. It is a highly recommended food for children as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important in the development and growth of children.

Pasta with salmon and bechamel. On this occasion we offer a delicious and nutritious pasta recipe with salmon and béchamel. A quick recipe to prepare for children and ideal for both lunch and dinner.

Salmon with honey. Salmon is one of the fish most used in children's cooking, with recipes like this one for salmon with honey and mustard, healthy and nutritious. Salmon is a healthy fish for the diet of children and the whole family. We show you the step by step of this delicious recipe.

Salmon quiche. Smoked Salmon and Leek Quiche is great for kids to try new and delicious flavors. It is a perfect recipe for parties and family celebrations.

Salmon Burgers. This salmon burger is a recipe that will not only conquer the palate of children but also the attention of adults. It is a very rich, easy and quick recipe to prepare. As you know, salmon is a highly recommended blue fish for regular consumption by children, due to its nutritional properties.

Canape of salmon and caviar. Colorful and friendly, this recipe for salmon boat canapes and red caviar is very fun to prepare for children and to encourage them to try the fish. Salmon and caviar canapes recipe for Christmas dinner.

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