Tricks to eliminate the bad smell of children's shoes

Tricks to eliminate the bad smell of children's shoes

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There are multiple reasons why sneakers that our children wear may not smell exactly nice. It may be because the material of the footwear in question is not exactly good, because the children have a problem with sweating andexcessive on the feet, or because they have been worn for too long.

In any case, it is necessary that we know the best homemade tricks to be able to eliminate the bad smell that children's shoes give off for one reason or another.

If children have worn these shoes all day, that is, in a long day where school has given way to extracurricular activities and park and recreation time, it is quite common for them to 'trot sneakers they give off an aroma that is not exactly pleasant.

To make it go away, even if it seems obvious, ventilation is the best ally, and placing the shoes on the windowsill during the night is usually the most effective. When they are still wet from the sweat or the shape of the child's foot, we can also give them a lemon drop so that it impregnates the sole -and especially the area of ​​the sole and the heel-, in order tothe bad smell disappears.

If we do not want our children to have a bad smell in their shoes, it is quite useful that when buying them we choose those that have some ventilation or that are not made of a bad material. Removing this unpleasant smell in those that already have it is possible if:

1. We put templates: Putting insoles in the shoes helps that the feet do not give off so much sweat and it remains impregnated in the shoes in question. When they are loaded, we can put them to dry in the sun so that they do not smell like concentrate.

2. We use lavender or pine scent: Aromatherapy is a great ally in matters of bad smells, and if we add a little essential oils in the children's shoes, they will disappear.

3. We freeze the shoes: The cold drives away the bad smell, and if we put the shoes in question in a plastic bag for a few hours in the freezer, they will come out like new.

4. We wash them with sodium bicarbonate: With a handkerchief or fine cloth, we can wash the inner structure of the shoe so that the smell goes away.

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