How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy

How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy

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There is nothing that alters the self-esteem of a pregnant woman more when she notices that stretch marks appeared on the skin of her belly, on her thighs and buttocks. Pregnancy follows its normal rhythm, she enjoys her pregnancy, but suddenly the appearance of stretch marks on her belly or in another part of her body, can generate an emotional drop, which will make her feel discouraged, insecure and dejected.

The hormonal, vascular and immunological changes that arise in women during pregnancy, end up causing some very visible changes in their skin. The pregnant woman's skin is more susceptible to some alterations, and that is why it is necessary for her to adopt some preventive measures to problems such as spots, dryness, irritations, cellulite, and stretch marks. Nine out of 10 women have stretch marks in pregnancy. Stretch marks are lines, bands or stripes that appear on the skin, irregularly shaped, similar to scars, and that usually appear between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy, on the belly, breasts, buttocks, thighs or arms.

Stretch marks are produced by the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin tissue, due to excessive stretching of the skin during pregnancy and lactation, or when experiencing weight gain. Genetic predisposition to have high-weight babies and increased activity of the adrenal gland are also other factors that lead to stretch marks, which can be white, pink or pearly in color. Fortunately, stretch marks are only a cosmetic problem, which does not affect the health of the mother or her baby.

Better than treating stretch marks is preventing them. For this, if you are pregnant, try to maintain an appropriate weight throughout your pregnancy with a healthy and adequate diet, use moisturizers with vitamins A and D, and do not stop practicing some physical exercise. In the event that you already have stretch marks, do not despair. Although stretch marks are very difficult to remove completely, they can be disguised and their appearance improved.

Among the natural treatments for stretch marks during pregnancy, there are applications and massages with almond, rosehip, lavender, orange and geranium oils. Vitamin E mixed with an anti stretch mark cream can help regenerate the skin. Dermatological techniques such as peeling, microdermabrasion, and laser are also used. But it is recommended that before choosing a method to reduce stretch marks, that they discuss it and consult with the doctor.

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