Against the heat, nutritious juices for children

Against the heat, nutritious juices for children

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When my children think of something to drink to quench their thirst, they generally always crave fruit juice. Very cool, they are the best of the summer.

Due to their sweet taste, they are more palatable for the little ones and they contain a good amount of vitamins. In addition, they are free of fat, they are the perfect complement to the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and including them in the diet of children is very healthy for them.

According to a study carried out by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, the consumption of fruit juices and soft drinks by children and adolescents in Spain has increased by 26.7 percent in the last decade. And it is that in addition to the useful use of packaged juices, the evolution of small appliances for the preparation of juices, increasingly easier to use and clean, allow you to prepare a juice in a few minutes. Now, making a natural juice at home is quick and convenient, but above all very healthy.

Thus, the juice is mainly composed of water and fruits, which provide it with natural sugars such as fructose, glucose and sucrose. Among the most valuable nutrients in juices, we must also highlight their high content of vitamins, especially vitamins C and A. Packaged juices are also usually enriched with minerals, antioxidants and folic acid, which makes this product in one of the basic pillars of the diet of children. And it is that the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet of children is the most important recommendation to reduce childhood obesity along with physical exercise.

Children should take at least two pieces of fruit a day, being able to substitute part of them for a glass of juice. From 2 to 6 years of age it is advisable for children to consume between 150 and 170 ml of pure fruit juice per day. However, if something that worries about juices is their detrimental effect on children's dental health due to their sugar content. However, various studies have revealed that there is no difference between consuming whole fresh fruit or juices regarding the risk of tooth decay.

The amount of sugar and acids generated in saliva is the same when fresh fruits are consumed or juice is drunk. Therefore, it is just as important that children follow a diet as well as adhere to good dental hygiene practices by regularly brushing their teeth and using fluoride.

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