Nursery Rhymes of Animals

Nursery Rhymes of Animals

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If you want to bring your child closer to reading, poetry is a good option. The short and rhyming poems manage to attract the attention of the little ones. Take advantage of that moment to teach him to rhyme, to memorize and to understand, why not, a series of values.

In addition, poetry can also be a good excuseto connect with your child. Share with him for a while and read aloud. Don't be afraid to use gestures and mime for emphasis when reading the poem.

Poems are a great learning tool for children. They are easy to read, very short and usually convey a message, although of course you can also use them just for entertainment. And if you also use animal poems, surely you have a better chance of getting your child to attend to you. Children love animal stories!

Since We offer you a selection of very short poems with rhymes for young children, where the protagonist is, of course, an animal.

The clueless little mouse. Short, rhyming poetry is a great way to bring literature closer to children. Encourage them to learn to read and boost their concentration and memory. The clueless little mouse, a short poem for children without concentration.

The kid and the worm. A short rhyming poetry for children. In this case, the protagonists are a kid and a worm. A way to bring children's literature closer to the little ones in a fun and entertaining way.

The crows. Poems bring literature closer to children and help them memorize and concentrate. Here is an example of a short, rhyming poem that your child will surely like.

Benavente the dog. This is a short, rhyming poem about a friendly dog ​​named Benavente. It is a different and peculiar dog. It is precisely these differences that make it a special and unique dog.

The rooster Torcuato. Short poems with rhymes for children. Poetry enhances creativity, concentration and helps children memorize. Use short poems to bring literature closer to him and enhance the habit of reading.

The traveling whale. Rhyming poetry is easy for children to understand. If they are also short, you can use them to encourage memorization. Play with them by reading this poetry to them. You will see how he likes it.

The unruly mice. Here's some great rhyming poetry for kids. To create a reading habit in children, there is nothing like bringing them attractive and simple texts that they can understand. If it is a short text, better, since you will keep their attention at all times.

The singing roosters. Short rhyming poetry for children about roosters fighting each other to see who sings better. Poem that transmits values ​​to work with children on reading comprehension.

Blacita. Rhyming poems are not just great tools for children's concentration and memorization. They are also used to convey values. Here you have an example.

Cephalopods. Cephalopods is a very funny poem for children. Use poetry to entertain and make your children laugh. This poetry has as its protagonists the most sympathetic marine animals: octopuses.

The Nicanor bird. Short rhyming poetry for children of a woodpecker. A rhyming poem to stimulate concentration and memory in children. Poem with values ​​to read to young children.

The miracle. Here is a rhyming poem to practice attention, reading comprehension and memory with children. It is a simple poem that children can understand very well.

Wedding. Short poem about a wedding between the Gallo Pinto and the Pandora hen. Short poetry in addition to helping the child to improve memory and concentration, is also a good transmitter of values.

The little ant. La ant is a poem that talks to children about the value of life and the dangers we face. Overcoming and chance are also part of the day to day, very present in this nice poem.

The giant crocodile. Short rhyming poem for children about a crocodile. Funny poem to bring poetry to the little ones and transmit values. How to bring poetry to children.

My pets. My Pets is a rhyming poem for children that talks about the love for animals. The protagonists are a dog, a parrot, a turtle and a cat. Work with the children and with the help of this poem the description of animals.

The function in the jungle. The Show in the Jungle is a fun short rhyming poem to entertain children while boosting their memory and concentration.

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