How is the learning of babies in nursery schools

How is the learning of babies in nursery schools

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Nurseries are centers where we leave children, not only to take care of them. The nurseries have a series of functions and objectives that they must achieve with the children. Today we are going to see what the function of nurseries is, in addition to taking care of children. And what are the methods that are followed to achieve them.

Children up to 3 years old must achieve a large number of goals and developments. Which although it seems to us that the child does not cost any effort, the help to work each area, makes it reach the objectives earlier and with more precision.

Depending on the nursery, we can find more or less jobs, all of them mark them within an educational project that is decided from the beginning of the course. Those in charge of doing this project are the educators of each classroom. Since they are the ones who best know the children in their class.

We are going to review the basic and minimal aspects that should be worked on in daycare centers. We work on all three areas at the same time and practically since the baby enters the nursery for the first time.

1. Knowledge and control of oneself:

Babies take months to be aware of what they are. The first part they will know is yours is your hands. Which will be a great step in your consciousness. We are in charge of the child creating a healthy image of himself, without complexes. During the first 3 years of life. This is achieved with activities in which the child has to recognize his body, through cards, drawings ... But above all, many activities. The mirror and the relationship with other children, accelerates and enhances learning.

At the same time, the perfect control and control of your body must be completed, before leaving the nursery. For which, we must look at two completely complementary aspects. Which we will have to work, since it is a baby. Helping you exercise your muscles and balance.

Fine motor skills: It is the one that is responsible for sensitive, precise movements. An example will be to fasten the laces, to get the spoon right in the mouth ... We associate it with precision. To work on it, we have a large number of activities, such as the educational tracing cards, all the games to place pieces ...

Gross motor skills: It is responsible for the most "abrupt" movements, for example moving around a room, jumping, getting up ... Some games such as the run that catches you, a psychomotor circuit, dancing ...

2. Knowledge of the environment:

Another aspect, which are the responsibility of the nurseries. It is for the child to discover everything that surrounds him. For the child, everything is new, he has never seen anything, and it is the best time to explore the world and begin to accumulate knowledge. The educators are responsible for the child to understand his environment, everything that surrounds him. Knowing and understanding the world around them is not easy. From learning the weather and how the days, months, seasons change ...

The different members of the family, the different environments, such as school or home. But what is most important of all this. It is the relationship you will have with others, teaching and helping you discover empathy with your peers. Always through the game.

3. The language:

Even if it is the third, it is just as important as the others. Although the direct activities towards the child, we started doing them later than the other two areas. (In bilingual centers and kindergartens, it starts from the first day of school) In general, from 12 months of age, the child begins to say his first words. Although for this to happen, your brain has had to mature and pass a large number of obstacles. Which are easier to get if we follow a method and work (play) with children from the first months of life.

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