Aromatherapy for children with depression

Aromatherapy for children with depression

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For a child to have symptoms of depression causes a lot of confusion in parents. Although it may seem unthinkable, many young children can feel such great stress produced by a change that it can lead them to fall into a childhood depression.

Although all mental processes take time to get everything back on track, there are some guidelines that we can carry out so that the little ones in the house regain their vital joy and leave behind what is making you suffer. And this, incredible as it may seem, can be achieved through the relaxation that the aromatherapy.

When a child is depressed, his feelings are on the surface. The sensitivity is such that they cannot avoid cry constantlyFeeling attacked with any matter, they come to attack other children with behavior inappropriate for their person, and they also withdraw into themselves.

As with adults, this unpleasant situation only happens when time heals the wounds and gets used to the change that has occurred, and the person himself decides to get out of the 'hole', no matter how small or large. Until that time comes, the aromatherapy can be a great ally to get our children to relax, regain their good humor and get out of your depression.

If we want to help our children with aromatherapy so that they do not get depressed, we can do it gradually: using pleasant smells on their pillow so they can rest, essential oils for massages that will lift your spirits.

- Sweet orange essential oils: In the case of these children who have depression, the most important thing is that they feel that their parents are by their side, and that there continues to be stability nearby. To connect with the family nucleus, a relaxing massage with essential oils will be most useful. Games and caresses will make the child establish the relationship between the smell and a good atmosphere.

- Chamomile: When we take it as an infusion, the nerves calm down and the body goes into relaxation. Putting a few drops of chamomile on the child's pillow before going to sleep will make him fall into a deep sleep that will provide the rest he needs, without frights.

- Pine scent: Pine is a stimulant, and its smell can make a child's good mood and spirits rise step by step until they feel better.

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