Essential kit for pregnant women

Essential kit for pregnant women

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Reading the title of this article more than one pregnant woman will raise her eyebrow, since it is known that during pregnancy the medications that women can take are extremely limited (they can almost be counted on the fingers of the hand).

However, the body of the woman during the nine months of gestation changes enormously, and the discomfort may not be few. And, always before taking any medication or remedy that you read in the article, consult your midwife or doctor, who will know your case in more depth.

There are some medications that we can, and sometimes even must, take if we are pregnant:

- Folic Acid: To avoid malformations to the baby, it is taken from before we become pregnant and continues to be taken until the end of pregnancy.

- Iron: Iron Sultafo, to avoid anemia and reinforce if you have very little in your system. It is taken since the doctor recommends it when seeing an analysis.

- Iodine: it is necessary for the thyroid gland to function properly, which are responsible for regulating metabolism, mental and physical growth, and the development of nervous and muscular tissues. Pregnant women need a supplement and their gland will work 50% more during pregnancy.

- Calcium: It is usually prescribed from the 5th month approximately if the doctor values ‚Äč‚Äčthat it can be good for us and it is ideal to take it until the end of pregnancy and even afterwards.

- Vitamins: If you are underweight or have a vitamin deficiency, they will give you some extra reinforcement

- Cariban: Medicine for nausea (you can take it throughout the pregnancy)

- Ranitidine: In case of acidity. After the 5th or 6th month you can hardly sleep with the baby's pressure and gastric juices, there is usually reflux and you must sleep half sitting.

- Paracetamol: In case of having any pain, fever or discomfort. In no case Aspirin

- Magnesium chelate: indicated for vomiting, contractions, constipation, cramps ...

There are others natural medicines that also fit in the pregnant woman's medicine cabinet, are homeopathy products that can help alleviate nausea, constipation or cramps.

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